Ecological restoration planning, monitoring & evaluation

David Fell Environmental provide essential services towards the ecological restoration planning, monitoring & evaluation of habitats.

The provision of services in flora and vegetation survey and inventory forms a basis for the development of rehabilitation and restoration plans for degraded ecosystems

At the property level, the business works closely with clients to identify assets, evaluate issues and develop achievable restoration goals through a property plan.

David has implemented ecological restoration planning projects with numerous Landcare groups and property owners in northern NSW and has managed community based planning using participatory planning approaches with Indigenous land owners throughout Queensland through the Commonwealth’s Indigenous Land Corporation.

David involvement in projects such as rangeland rehabilitation on the Fitzroy River floodplain of the Kimberley Region, seed biology research in the bauxite mining of the Darling Range in south western Australia, and review of culturally significant plants in bauxite mining regeneration at Weipa, Cape York Services extend to the establishment of monitoring and evaluation to ensure that restoration work is achieving the desired objectives for the targeted ecosystem.