Flora surveys and vegetation assessment

David Fell is an experienced and highly skilled field botanist who has conducted field surveys throughout northern Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Papua New Guinea over the past 25 years.

This experience incorporates a commitment to data integrity and best practice survey methods according the relevant legislation and policy.

Services focus on the identification and assessment of terrestrial vegetation ecosystems, and threatened species and habitat.

These services have contributed to the completion of numerous Environmental Impact Statements throughout Queensland, and conservation and biodiversity management projects with associates 3D Environmental and AUSGIS. 

Services extend to preparation of detailed biodiversity inventories, dataset preparation and maintenance, flora species profiles, assessment of vegetation condition and biocondition, and invasive species surveys and mapping.

David maintains a commitment to increasing the knowledge on plant distribution and ecology through contribution of voucher specimens to the Queensland Herbarium, and publication of literature on the ecology and distribution of significant flora in northern Queensland.