Northern Rivers

David has worked extensively with local Landcare groups, property owners and bush regenerators in the northern rivers of New South Wales.

Ecological restoration

Restoration-of-High-Conservation-Value-vegetationRestoration of high conservation value vegetation

In the Wilson's Creek, Huonbrook/Wanganui, Brunswick and Richmond River valleys, David has delivered property assessments, and property management plans which has assisted landowners in maintaining and improving existing biodiversity values of high conservation value ecosystems.

This work has contributed to restoring and maintaining the natural processes and dynamics of terrestrial and riparian ecosystems

It has assisted Landcare groups in the delivery of their charter to encourage a greater appreciation of the high conservation values within the community and to stimulate a greater level of community interest and active involvement in rehabilitation.

Consult with local Landcare Consulting with local Landcare His work has involved on ground property planning assessments which include identifying and mapping environmental assets and values such as threatened species, habitat condition, and connectivity.

Other aspects of the work include identification of management issues such as weed distribution, land owner capacity, designation of management zones, and monitoring and evaluation.

David provides detailed written reports and video reports which provide baseline information, maps, photographs, and detailed action plans, all of which are used by land owners and bush regenerators to guide the work program.