about David Fell

David Fell portraitDavid FellBorn on Thursday Island, Queensland, David was raised on the family dairy farm at Alstonville, New South Wales. His initial interest in the land was born on the farm, which supported remnants of subtropical rainforest once part of the Big Scrub.

After completing year 12 at Lismore High School he studied at Southern Cross University completing the Associate Diploma of Applied Science in 1983. During this time David focused on developing his field skills in rainforest botany throughout the Northern Rivers of NSW and south eastern Queensland.

After graduation David worked as a Seasonal Ranger for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service before travelling to south west Tasmania and the Kimberley region with the Australian New Zealand Exploration Society (ANZSES).

Following employment with the Botany Department of the University of Western Australia in post bauxite mining rehabilitation in the Darling Range, he worked with the WA Agriculture Department as a Research Officer undertaking rangeland regeneration of degraded rangelands of the Fitzroy River floodplain.

David travelled to Cape York in 1986 and led expeditions with Operation Raleigh in the McIlwraith Range and the Jardine River.  He worked for Queensland NPWS as a Research Ranger based in Townsville where he carried out extensive field work as part of new area assessments in the Einasleigh Uplands and the Wet Tropical Coast.

His ongoing interest in rainforests of Cape York and northern Australia saw him return to Cape York as a Research Ranger between 1990-1995 where he carried out a survey of the regions rainforest ecosystems under funding from the Rainforest Conservation Fund and the Cape York Peninsula Land Use Study. 

This was followed by a number of years in Indigenous Land Resource Management as a consultant and as a Project Officer with the Indigenous Land Corporation.

David returned to consultancy work in 2000 continuing to utilize his extensive field experience throughout Queensland, Papua New Guinea and northern NSW.